Digital advertising is a feature of many fields and has been gaining ground in recent years, but when it comes to focused advertising in the elevator niche it is still in its infancy. ADTV Ltd. identified the great potential inherent in this field and developed its system of smart screens in order to fill the need for innovative, captivating advertising, the first of its kind.

We are a digital media company specializing in development and production of smart multimedia and software systems for both elevators and general use. In addition, our company has an advertising department specializing in targeted advertising in strategic locations in leading business towers, luxury hotels  and prestigious residential towers. The smart screen system we developed incorporates a wide range of unique possibilities creating an elevator riding experience. The system is innovative and unique, a pioneer in the field in Israel and abroad. We specialize in providing creative advertising solutions while maintaining quality, excellence and innovation.


Calcalist – “Advertising is rising”

Newsgeek – “Turn your elevator ride into an advertising opportunity”

Ice – “You have 12 seconds to amaze us: ADTV introduces the Elevator Pitch competition”



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